About Barb & Nathan

Barb & Nathan MoseleyMaybe because we’re husband and wife ourselves, we don’t like to think of weddings as big productions. Your wedding is the beginning of your marriage, it’s something sacred and real, and a good photographer honors that. A good photographer captures that.

We’re proudest of our work when it reflects the bride and groom and what they feel for each other. We shoot for simplicity, for beauty and for truth.

That means being there – both of us – on the day, paying attention, and catching all the big and small moments that make your wedding yours.

About Barb

"We can be standing side by side, and we get such different shots," Barb says. Of the two of them, she’s the straightforward one. She’s organized. She plans ahead. She makes sure we get every shot that the bride and groom know they want – and every shot she knows they’ll want later. Barb trained with a large photography studio in Kansas, so she really understands the business inside and out. If Barb is smiling, you know that everything is in order. And if Barb isn’t smiling, you know that everything is about to be.

About Nathan

Nathan keeps things relaxed. His easygoing personality will assure you that everything is happening according to plan. And because he runs on pure intuition, he has a knack for being in just the right place at just the right time. He’s the one who will catch a look between a bride and her dad. He’ll be there when a groomsman sneaks away to decorate the getaway car.